The Anatomy of a Studio Covers Cushion

The Anatomy of a Studio Covers Cushion

November 16, 2020

The Anatomy of a Studio Covers Cushion - Studio Covers

It is a cushion. What do you mean by the “anatomy” of a cushion? What possibly, pray, tell, could a cushion include? Well, apparently, a lot.

You see, our cushions aren’t simply made of one layer of fabric with a zip (as closure detail) attached. They’re made of a minimum of four layers. This is done for a few reasons. 

One, we want to make sure we offer you something that is comfortable.

Two, we want to offer you something that doesn’t lose its shape or form.

Three, something that looks gorgeous and spells luxury.

And four, something that will last you for decades to come. Yes, decades.

We have had clients coming to us to tell us that the work we did for them over a decade ago is still in perfect shape and they still love it. That doesn’t happen by chance or as some sort of a miracle. We put in the time and the effort because:

  1. We love what we do
  2. We want you to love it too
  3. Luxury means longevity to us
  4. Mindful production leads to mindful consumption

With that out of the way, what exactly do our cushion covers include?

  1. There is the top layer (or the main fabric). This is what you see. 
  2. We interlink this layer with a layer of poly fibre or cotton wadding to give the cushion body
  3. Then comes the lining under the fibre or wadding. This holds the three layers in place
    These three layers complete your top. Of course, in case the cover is quilted, the three layers are held together by stitching that is done all over the fabric.
  4. Once the top is done, you have the back fabric of the cushion. 
  5. There could be, as is often the case, a fifth layer. This is the lining that may be added to the back of the cushion depending on the nature of the fabric used for the reverse of the cover.

There is also the zip (concealed or not, depending on multiple logistical and logical factors), other embellishments and oh, did we mention a sprinkle of love

All right then.  Now you know what goes into a Studio Covers cushion and why ours last for decades. Because love + honest effort and hard work pay off.

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