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Our Story

The beginnings of Covers go back some thirty years when Nirmal Pathak, the wife of a retired army officer, found herself at a loose end and facing an empty nest situation of sorts. With no experience as a business person - unless one were to count the few months in the ‘80s when she assisted a German designer friend - she proceeded to set up shop in a car garage with one sewing machine and one karigar named Ram Shankar - who, it just so happens, is still with us.

Running in parallel is her daughter’s story. Sonali was trying to get her own interior design studio to take off back in the 1990s and it was not long before the mother-daughter joined forces. They worked out of the garage making curtains, blinds, and bed coordinates for clients who had miraculously materialized. Hard work began to pay off and Covers went from the car garage to a tiny factory to larger premises. The one karigar setup turned into four into thirty.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have done some 60 odd 5-star hotels and resorts and close to 500 high-end residences (read about our projects here). The growth has been completely organic with our clients becoming our biggest advocates. We are now moving into the next stage of Covers: Studio Covers. We’re going online and we hope to make the process of home decor a fun, beautiful, and clean one. Thank you for joining us on the next stage of our journey.

Our Philosophy

Doing right by ourselves: We want to create beautiful work that brings joy. We should have a lovely time creating it and you, the customer, should have a wonderful time experiencing it. We only create what resonates with us - we will never “churn” out products. We believe in minimalism. We truly believe “less is more.” Why add clutter to an already crowded world?

Doing right by our workers: Our workers are the reason we can bring our vision to life. Without them, there will be no Studio Covers. Each of our workers adds a little bit of themselves to the piece they're working on and we would not want to lose that because that is the essence of our work.  We want to make sure we do right by them - which means making sure they’re looked after. It would break our heart to hear our gifted embroider saying that he doesn’t want his children to follow in his footsteps and he’d rather they work in an office. It is up to us to keep local arts and crafts alive. 

Finding the right associates: We want to work with people and businesses who have the same beliefs as we do. Who believe in sustainability,  animal rights, feminism, ethical consumption, fair wages, worker benefits, and a better future. These are not just buzzwords for us. We want - need - to make a difference in the world. And this change starts with living in line with our beliefs and making sure we work with those who do too. 

Doing right by our clients and customers: Our style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, neither do we expect it to be. Like with everything, our approach toward our customer is driven by integrity. We want to bring joy into your homes in the form of our cushions or throws or table runners. It’s the smallest things that have the largest impact.

Doing right by the Earth: We are trying our best to move toward an ethically-sourced and environmentally-kind way of doing things. All our products are vegan and we're trying to do things in as sustainable and eco friendly a fashion as we can. We aren't quite there yet but we are sincere in our efforts and we do walk the talk.