Collaborating with Studio Covers

Collaborating with Studio Covers


Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Studio Covers. We are always looking to collaborate with fellow home decor lovers who share our passion for beautiful spaces, sustainable decor, and kind living. Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or public personality we’d love to partner with you!

If you are an influencer or brand looking to collaborate with Studio Covers, here is what we look for:

  1. Do you share a genuine love for decor?
  2. If you are an influencer, what kind of engagement rate do you have? While follower count is all very well, we like to see whether your followers are genuinely interested in what you have to share and offer? For this, we take a look at the likes and comments you receive on your posts, along with posts you are tagged in.
  3. If you are a brand, we look at how your products are made. Is everything made sustainably? Are your products and processes ethical and kind? Does your aesthetic sensibility go in line with ours? And, of course, are you a non-competitive brand i.e. do the products you sell the same or different from the ones Studio Covers creates and sells? We are not looking at collaborating with brands who also create the same products as us.
  4. Are your followers potential buyers for Studio Covers? Because at the end of the day, we do have a business to run!
  5. Is your content positive, engaging, and uplifting? Brownie points if your content is also shareable and/or actionable.


Please keep in mind that we do not collaborate with influencers or brands who do not share our values. If you are somebody who supports the leather or fur industry, or wasteful unsustainable consumption or production processes, we might not be for you. If you are somebody who believes in any extremist movement, we might not be for you. 

At the moment, we aren’t doing any paid collaborations. All the collaborations are barter in nature. 

If you are a brand, we would need you to send over your products to us so that we can check them for quality. We only endorse what we genuinely support and love, as we are sure is the case with you! If you’d like, we can use them in our curations. Or else, we can send them back to you after the quality check.

We expect those we collaborate with to know a little bit about the brand and brand values. We recommend you take a look at our story and beliefs, our projects, as well as go over some of our blog posts

Over the last few months, we have also learnt that it is important to set clear expectations from the get-go. Please let us know what the deliverables will be in terms of the content (numbers of photos, videos, stories, or reels) and the platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, email, etc.) these will be shared on. Please also mention when the content will be going live. An approximate date works. Further, will you be sharing the content you create with us for us to use on our social media platforms (of course, due credit will be given)? Do mention if you are okay with us using content created by you for our marketing activities. 

If you choose to use our products in future posts in which we are not the main focus, we would request you to still give due credit to us (tag us/mention us in the caption). 

So how do we proceed? 

→ Please take a look at our website and Instagram. Then make sure to fill out this form.

→ Based on what you have chosen, stock availability, and your follower count and engagement rate, we will be sending you an email back mentioning the products we can send over and by when. 

→ We can also have a chat on what you have in mind for the collaboration. Perhaps an unboxing video, as part of a holiday haul, or anything else.

And that's about it! We look forward to collorating with you!