Stardust | Soft Minimal Luxury by Studio Covers

Hand Embroidered: Stardust


If magical realism were a cushion cover, then it would have to be the embroidered Stardust. Gentle, graceful, dainty, and exuding understated luxury, Stardust is the piece for those who appreciate the soft and the minimal.

Product Specifications

- Dimensions: 16 x 16 inches

- Material: Cotton blend

- Colours: Ivory, pink, green, with a pop of electric blue popping through

- Embellishments: Hand embroidered and finished with cream fringe detailing

- Wash care: Dry clean recommended

- Contents: Cushion cover

You can choose to pair Stardust with Feather Blush.
- Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches
- Material: Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Lovely thanks

Thank you!

Simi Charya
Review for Stardust, Blush, Deep Rose and Old Rose

What can be better place wherin you can grab a cup of coffee n relaxed your mind and instantly you find peace.

I would like to give a major thanks to for making my dream come true. This is all what I was looking for since long, but my search ends at Studio covers. Here I got what I was actually looking for 🏡🏡

Everytime I see their posts, I would love to buy all 🤟🤟Trust me