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The Philosophy Behind The Studio Covers Diwali Collection

October 21, 2022

The Philosophy Behind The Studio Covers Diwali Collection - Studio Covers

There is a nostalgic aroma of mustard oil from mud-baked diyas in the air. As one crosses the balcony, the aroma subtly mingles with the gorgeous cinnamon candle that one bought online. The stencils for the rangoli are being picked out, and a minimal abstract design has been finalised. Fairy lights have replaced candles on the railings but they are indeed and intentionally- solar-powered. The ones at home are ready for the ones who are to reach soon, albeit with some gelato! A joyous amalgamation of traditions and modern, one thing continues to live on - the whole reason why Diwali exists: spending time with one’s loved ones. 

And we are honouring that, our beautiful tradition and the timeless, personal scenes that make our country what it is, this Diwali, with our festive line. 

Our Diwali Collection

At Studio Covers, we have always asked why before what. And that is probably also why we are choosing tradition and timelessness over trend. We are choosing motifs that are inspired by everyday India, the craftsmanship that defines our vibrant country and fabric that is quintessentially Indian. We are choosing home accents that elevate from just being upholstery to “home”.

walk in the village cushion cover by studio covers

Take our Walk in The Village duo for example. Beautiful silk relief Pichwai cows on a surface of liquid gold silk fabric paints the most exquisite picture of cows walking home at “godhuli”. We pair it with our Barley cushion to etch a most common countryside scene of cows walking home through narrow aisles of paddy, at dusk! It’s time to go home!


satya embroidered cushion cover by studio covers

Our Satya on the other hand depicts the most beautiful thing: A new mango that heralds the news of summer. From sour, kachha aam to delicious ripe ones- in India, mango is an emotion. From buying to eating- all of it. Brought to life with intricate threadwork on pure linen, Satya is a sublime piece sure to shine in your home.


Our Lotus in Rust acts as a gentle reminder of how one can grow beautifully through adversities. The embroidery has been done on rust velvet to bring home the feeling of festivities. Inspired by Buddhist literature and meticulous embroidery, our lotus brings in gold embroidery in rust velvet- both of them adding the most beautiful, enlightening glow in unison. 

Simply, every scene is collected in tranquillity through embroidery and fabric. That is what our Diwali collection is all about. 

And while we are at it, we would like to take a moment and tell you that our country has hundreds of stray animals to whom the streets are their home. Let them feel at home too. Decorate your home, light up the diyas but please don’t support crackers. 

Let the feeling of coming home be for everyone!


- Written by SC official creative partner Rukmini Ray Kadam (more popularly known as @trumatter)

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