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Harnessing the Power of Pastels in Home Decor

June 07, 2021 1 Comment

Harnessing the Power of Pastels in Home Decor - Studio Covers

What Pastels bring to the Table and 8 Ways You Can Use Them To Elevate Your Space 

Taylor Swift’s incredible rebranding of 2019, that heavily relied on a whimsical pastel dreamscape, was a marvellous reminder of the depth and power distinct to the pastel palette. “Colours, like features, follow the changes of emotions”, said Picasso in the early 1930’s. As slightly synesthetic creatures, our senses have a rather large influence on our mood. The brightness of chromatic colours (that is, any colour with a hue, so essentially all colours excluding white, grey and black) when combined with the universal symbol of peace - the achromatic white, gives us the soothing synthesis of a pastel palette. Pastels might just be called the epitome of joy and serenity. 

Baby blankets are the definition of comfort, right? And they come, usually, in soft sweet pastel tints. Pastels are the perfect antidote to the noisy, chaotic world we inhabit. They help us create a soothing space. And while, yes, they are comfortable and peaceful, pastels also do have immense potential to exude luxurious sophistication.

    powder blue faux wool throw by studio covers

Powder Blue Faux Wool Throw by Studio Covers

Fun fact: Although now closely associated with femininity- pastels were highly popularised by the ever so masculine Don Johnson in Miami Vice! His character, Sonny Crocket, was famous for his pastel tinted suits which gave an interesting contrast to the gritty crime show it featured in. Pastels have always offered something to everyone. 

Why add pastels to your space?

To put it simply, you can romanticise your life by introducing some pastel elements into your home! They are to the eyes (and the soul) what candy is to the tongue. With their soft dreaminess and playful nostalgic spirit, pastels might be perfect for your space. If you're looking to add a refreshing pop of colour and verve to your room, without it becoming too overpowering, pastels are the way to go! They allow you to avoid visual chaos, while at the same time  allowing you to move beyond the monochromes (that is, the blacks, whites and greys) if you wish to do so! 

pastels add verve to your space

What’s not to love about pastels, eh? 

joie by studio covers
Joie embroidered floral cushion cover by Studio Covers

Some of the most popular decor-friendly pastel shades are peach and millennial pink, powder and baby blue, pistachio and minty green, and of course, periwinkle! With that said, you can always be a daring trend setter and experiment with the whimsical lavender or pastel yellow!

Here’s 8 ways in which you can spruce up your space with pastel elements! 

  • Accent Walls

  • Go simple, or go floral! A classic go to is a pastel pink wall- plain, or with a flowery pattern (pastels and florals are a dreamy combination!).

  • Furniture

  • Go subtle with a light shade of pastel blue or mint coating your dresser, or, if you’re feeling playful - a pastel yellow or orange tinted chair set. 

  • Soft Furnishing

  • Fabrics are an ingenious but easy way of leveling up the luxury of your space. From matching cushion cover sets in cream and pastel green, to curtains in white and blue or even bedsheets in the prettiest pinks, layering pastels will go a long way. Softness overload, in the best way, we promise. 

    feather by studio coversFeather linen sham, Studio Covers

  • Statement Pieces

  • You don’t always need to go big or go home! Sometimes, a small but bold choice can go a long way. From periwinkle rugs and baby blue checkered tablecloths to pastel green lamp shades and plant potters- just a couple of these well coordinated pieces can take your room to a whole new level. 

  • Ceramics

  • Don’t limit yourself to bedrooms or living rooms. The kitchen is an incredibly important space that deserves beautification too- and pastel tinted ceramics are ideal for that!

  • Patterns

  • Pastels, with all their wonderful subtlety, are the best for patterned designs. Whether it’s geometric pastel art, polka dotted yellow bowls or floral pink couches! 

    beachside stripe by studio covers
    Beachside Stripe sham, Studio Covers
  • Pairings

  • Sometimes, just a single pastel colour paired with other shades works best. Sometimes, though, you want to go for a more playful, cottage-reminiscent multi-pastel look! We’re fans of both. To layer pastels- mix it up with contrasting shades! Pastel yellow throw blankets on a pastel blue couch, or pastel green curtains and a pastel orange lampshade. We do recommend pairing playful pastels with the more grounding, impartial shades - perhaps a tan rug? How about some classic white walls or wooden flooring?

    soft furnishings and pastels

    The Present and Future of Pastels 

    Pastels are taking the world by storm….again. The charm of pastels lies in their ability to be whimsical and luxurious at the same time. They’re the antithesis to the world we inhibit today - the perfect remedy for the relentless chaos that surrounds us. So go ahead and explore the magic of pastels for yourself! We bet you won’t be disappointed. 

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    Saanvi Aarya
    Saanvi Aarya

    March 29, 2022

    Great article . Nice design of pillow cover, its look very luxuries. Nice pattern for festival or any special occasion.

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