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Mother's Day Gifting Guide 2021: Products from 11 Sustainable Homegrown Brands

May 01, 2021

Mother's Day Gifting Guide 2021: Products from 11 Sustainable Homegrown Brands - Studio Covers


It is no secret that our mothers have shaped us in fundamental ways. We wouldn’t have been the people we are today had it not been for the privilege of being raised by these awesome women. We, at Studio Covers, would know this better than anyone else. After all, it is a mother and daughter running the show, with the grandmum being responsible for starting the show! 

So, when, once a year we get a chance to celebrate our mothers, and specifically our bond with them, we better make sure we do a good job of it. While your mums already know that you absolutely love them, a physical token of that love would make her day!

Here is a quick gifting guide to help you find the perfect gift for your mum. Given the tumultuous events of 2021, and just the fact that we as conscious consumers need to make conscious choices, we’ve made sure that all the products included below are sustainable and vegan and made by brands that are homegrown. Most of the businesses mention here are also small businesses because they’re the ones that need our support the most. 


1. “The Goodness of Kashmir” Gift Box by Indus People


The gift box consists of two Kulhar cups (available in three colours: white, beige, and soft pink) made of stoneware with 24 carat Gold. Along with this, you also get a box of Kashmiri Apple Tea made of Darjeeling tea and the goodness of Indian herbs. 

Indus people is a brand of modern and minimal tableware, stationery, and gift boxes. They create products by taking inspiration from the various colours and textures of India. 

2. Sustainable Rugs by Rugberry


Alma RugRugberry is a bespoke rug brand inspired by a deep appreciation for weaving. Defined by its international aesthetics, Rugberry offers timeless rugs for modern interiors. The brand’s sustainable range of rugs is made entirely out of used plastic bottles. Further, given their minimal aesthetic and neutral colourways, they’re bound to go perfectly with most home decor styles.


3. Ink Black Tea Dress by Crow Handcrafted Luxury


An amalgamation of traditional and modern sensibility, Crow is one of our favourite brand of brands: it’s ethical, sustainable, and actively involves its workers in the creation process. 

While we had a hard time choosing just one product from their collection, we finally decided the Ink Black Tea Dress was the way to go. It’s a classy effortless piece that is equal parts easy-breezy as it is perfect for events and formal meets.

4. Soft Minimal Covers by Studio Covers

studio covers soft minimal cushions
And of course, we had to add ourselves to the list. But hey, we have a good reason! Our cushion covers are luxurious, sustainable, and would make for the perfect gift for your mum. You can take a look at our soft minimal range of cushion covers. Or else you can let your mother decide by giving her a gift card.


5. Brown Tote Bag by Mio Borsa

Mio Borsa (“My Kind of Bag”) is a brand of vegan leather handbags that is all about creating modern bags for the modern woman. This brown tote bag by Mio Borsa is functional, versatile, and vegan. It is made of pinatex, which is a fabric that mimics leather but is in fact fabric created using cellulose fibres from pineapple leaves.


6. Rooster Collection by Terravida

The avant-garde Rooster Collection by Terravida is all about evoking a uniquely Goan vibe in your own casa. The limited-edition dinnerware collection, which is equal parts decorative and functional, is an ode to the unique Goan-Portuguese culture. The collection is made completely by hand is a perfect give for the mums out there with a penchant for the whimsical.


7. Tops and Kurtis  by Upasana Auroville


For Upasana, design is creative, problem-solving. Based out of Auroville, the sustainable clothing company is on a mission to make a positive impact while making clothes that make you look and feel great. Their tops and kurtis are created using organic cotton and linen, making them ideal for the summer and an ideal gift for your mum.


8. Cleopatra Beauty Box by Sadhev

Your mum deserves to be pampered and what better way to indulge her than with a luxurious beauty box? The Cleopatra Beauty Box by luxury ayurvedic brand Sadhev contains an aloe gel, an organic lip balm, an ayurvedic night serum made of saffron, sandal, and Vetiver (“Kumkumadi Tailam”), and rose water made using handpicked centifolia roses. 

Sadhev, launched in 2019 by the same family that owns Medimix, is all about moving away from chemicals and toxic ingredients and towards the natural way of beauty.


9. Ecru Kantha Towel Box Set by 11.11



Gifts such as the Kantha towel box in ecru by 11.11 are great for when your mother’s idea of a great evening involves opening a bottle of rosé, turning on some breezy music, and running a nice warm bath. The box consists of six towels (four small and two big) created using organic cotton.


11.11 is known for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes. The label believes in collaborating directly with artisans and creating small-batch slow-made products.


10. Kurta Sets by Shop Mulmul

Baybreeze Kurta

If your mother is anything like my mum, she likes her kurtas just like she like anything else in her life: comfortable, relaxed, and elegant. This is exactly what Mulmul achieves with its kurta sets. Created using 100% Mulmul cotton, the Baybreeze set you see in the photo is minimal, chic, and a fusion of the Indian and European sensibilities.


11. Body fragrances by Naso


Nothing makes a woman feel like an empress more than luxurious perfumes. Naso is an artisanal perfumery that creates its fragrances using ingredients grown in in-house distilleries in North India. Naso stays far away from using any synthetic or artificial ingredients in its fragrances, instead option to extract the pure essence from herbs and spices of India.

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